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SA start-up develops algorithms to determine moods
- 30 July 2019

South African facial recognition start-up Camatica has added ‘mood analytics’ algorithms to its suite of facial recognition artificial intelligence (AI)-powered products.


What is Camatica for Face-Security?

Camatica utilizes computer vision to instantly scan and recognize shoplifters when they step through your doors.

Camatica detects

With a camera in place at the entrance of your store, an AI powered computer scans all faces and matches them against suspects on a hot list


If the system detects a match, you’ll be notified within seconds, allowing you to take action.

Camatica's App Notification

How is Camatica Different?

cctv camera not Camatica

CCTV footage is only really useful after a crime has been committed.

Camatica on the other hand gives you advanced warning as a suspect enters your store.

camaticas high end CCTV footage

Camatica's 3 Step Method

Step 1

Anyone who enters your store is instantly scanned for your protection and peace of mind.

Camatica's 3 Step Method-Step1
Camatica's 3 Step Method-Step2

Step 2

Every face is compared to the criminals Camatica has collected in the “hot list.”

Step 3

If any face matches someone in the system, you will be alerted so you can take action.

Camatica's 3 Step Method-Step3

What is the hot list?

Every face is compared to the criminals Camatica has collected in the “hot list.”

Camatica's Hotlist example

With the Camatica system, you’ll have admin access to a mobile app and website to easily add-in suspicious figures you see in your store.

Camatica mobile app and website

The list is instantly synced across all your stores.


Measure store visits

Such as unique visits, by gender, by race or by time of day and so much more.


Measure shopper demographics

Such as age, gender, race and time of visit.



Camatica Face-CRM

Put Camatica to use as CRM

Greet your customers from your mobile app. 


Measure staff attendance

A staff attendance solution that does not require any form of overt action by your staff. You now have a 100% accurate way to recon your leave system with a Face-Attendance report to identify and prevent leave leakage

Camatica Face-Attendance

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