Facial recognition combats load-shedding shoplifting
- By Ivan Booth - March 26th, 08:39

South Africa’s load-shedding woes are not limited to the inconvenience suffered by consumers. The country’s retailers are set for a dramatic spike in shoplifting, warns one facial recognition for business specialist.

SA businesses urged to prioritise facial recognition policies
- Apr 18, 2019

Camera-based facial recognition is finding growing favour within corporate South Africa as a way to fairly and accurately manage employee attendance in the workplace.

How Camatica uses storefront cameras to recognise repeat customers
- 24 April 2019 10:15

Artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be a real boon to marketers at home and abroad as smart storefront cameras take CRM (customer relationship management) to the next level.

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Camatica launches enterprise facial recognition systems for South African businesses - by Chris Burt - April 24, 2019

Johannesburg-based startup Camatica has launched a facial biometric time and attendance system to improve human resources practices at South African businesses, IT-Online reports.

Artificial Intelligence Could Eliminate SA Election Errors

It’s time to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in South African elections to eliminate the growing potential for human error. “In 2019, we should not be relying on ink to ensure the integrity of election results.

AI primed to aid SA war against criminals

A LOCAL facial recognition start-up believes artificial intelligence (AI) will play an ever-increasing role in South Africa’s war on crime. The projection comes after the country was ranked the 37th most dangerous in the recently-released Global Peace Index (GPI).

Weapon Detection Algorithms Could Dramatically Cut Crime

South Africa is the 37th most dangerous country on earth, according to this year’s recently-released Global Peace Index (GPI). “A key factor in making South Africa more dangerous even than gang-wracked El Salvador is the easy availability of firearms,” says Laurence Seberini, founder and managing director of Camatica.


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