SA start-up develops algorithms to determine moods
- 30 July 2019

South African facial recognition start-up Camatica has added ‘mood analytics’ algorithms to its suite of facial recognition artificial intelligence (AI)-powered products.

Top applications of ‘soft-touch’ facial recognition
- October 2019

Its time to remind people that, in the overwhelming majority of instances, camera-based facial recognition is used globally to improve quality of life. Facial recognition is used at airports and malls to protect public spaces, it’s used at corporate office parks to ensure quicker, more seamless entry and it’s even used to ensure the democratic elections that deliver our accountable leaders run smoother.

Eliminating Queuing Could Lift SA Economy
- September 2019

utting the time each productive South African spends waiting in line not contributing to the national accounts is a simple and effective way to lift gross domestic product (GDP). That’s the word from Laurence Seberini; co-founder of Camatica, a Johannesburg-based start-up specialising in facial recognition for business. “If we could halve the amount of time South Africa’s 22 million workers spend waiting to contribute to the country’s economic output through their purchases, we could really make a positive impact on GDP,” explains Mr Seberini.

Five Reasons Facial Recognition Is Far From Creepy
- August 2019

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, Facial Recognition combined with CCTV has the potential to slash weapons-related crime, make public places feel safer and even boost workplace satisfaction by flagging employees in need of positive interventions.

Researchers say emotion detection based on biometric facial recognition not reliable
- August 2019

Johannesburg-based facial recognition startup Camatica, meanwhile, has launched “mood analytics” to its suite of AI facial recognition products, according to Business Reports.

SA startup launches facial recognition software that analyses moods

South African facial recognition startup Camatica has this week added to its suite of facial recognition AI-powered products by launching ‘mood analytics’.

- July 2019

Camatica, a Johannesburg-based local facial recognition start-up is working towards leveraging on artificial Intelligence to curb the increasing rate of crime in South Africa.

Facial Recognition Software Knows When it’s Monday Morning

Seberini’s Johannesburg-based firm has developed a range of AI-powered facial recognition solutions specifically-designed for different business sectors including retail, transportation and human resources. Africa.

Weapon Detection Algorithms Could Dramatically Cut Crime
- July 2019

South Africa is the 37th most dangerous country on earth, according to this year’s recently-released Global Peace Index (GPI).

AI primed to aid SA war against criminals

- July 2019

A LOCAL facial recognition start-up believes artificial intelligence (AI) will play an ever-increasing role in South Africa’s war on crime.

Artificial Intelligence Could Eliminate SA Election Errors
- May 2019

It’s time to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in South African elections to eliminate the growing potential for human error.

Camatica launches enterprise facial recognition systems for South Africa
- April 2019

Johannesburg-based startup Camatica has launched a facial biometric time and attendance system to improve human resources practices at South African businesses, IT-Online reports.

How Camatica uses storefront cameras to recognise repeat customers
- April 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be a real boon to marketers at home and abroad as smart storefront cameras take CRM (customer relationship management) to the next level.

SA businesses urged to prioritise facial recognition policies
- April 2019

Camera-based facial recognition is finding growing favour within corporate South Africa as a way to fairly and accurately manage employee attendance in the workplace.

Facial recognition combats load-shedding shoplifting
- March 2019

South Africa’s load-shedding woes are not limited to the inconvenience suffered by consumers. The country’s retailers are set for a dramatic spike in shoplifting


Face Security

Using Face – Security and Facial recognition technology we demonstrate how Camatica works. Using our app, it makes it easy for you to onboard perpretrators and it immediately alerts you to suspects already on the “hot list”.


We offer Face Analytics, a product that will count how people enter and exit your store and will tell you their demographics, telling you your customers age, gender and race. Our Face Analytics technology can be used in all sectors of your business.

People Counting

Analyse how many people enter or exit a vehicle with Camatica. prevent the amount of overcrowding by having Face-Recognition technology count and identify how many passengers are getting into and using your transport services?

Queue Analytics

By analysing video feed, Camatica counts queues at ATM’s. Making waiting shorter and improving customer service. By using this technology we can help businesses deploy a faster and more efficient infrastructure

Airport Security

Airports security is a high priority internationally. By using the security camera infrastructure already deployed in airports, Camatica can help stop crimes before they happen. Using Face recognition to identify criminals from a hot list

Mood Analytics

Using face recognition and machine learning, Camatica, an intuitive, powerful software solution. It is now possible to detect the mood of people entering or exiting your premises. Helping improve customer service and security.

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